Foundries don’t just produce metal products for engine, railroad, or pipe components. They also form components for machines that are required to make many of the essential consumer products we depend on today. Ninety percent of all manufactured goods rely on some type of metal casting.

In the foundry process, parts of desired shapes and sizes can be formed. Marcellus Metalcasters provides high-quality iron castings for businesses utilizing Inductotherm coreless induction melting furnaces with 100, 300, and 500-pound melt capacities. This allows us to manufacture parts with pour weights up to 500-pounds.

Materials Used

  • Gray irons class 20 to class 60
  • Ductile (nodular) irons classes 60/40/18 to 120/70/03
  • Abrasion resistant cast white irons 
  • N-Resist and Ni Hard


  • Sand casting (using both green sand and airset molding)
  • Investment casting
  • Core manufacturing (shell and cold box)
  • Grinding and blasting
  • Heat treating
  • Material certification
  • Machining
  • Painting 
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly


  1. Discovery – We conduct a discovery call with a potential customer to get all details needed to provide an accurate quote. We’ll research options with scaling and delivery to ensure we offer the most competitive pricing available to you. 
    1. Patterns – We perform basic pattern modifications and maintenance in house. If major changes or new tooling is needed, we work with dedicated local pattern makers to ensure that you will receive high quality, durable tools.
    2. Cores – We produce many cores in house, including airset, oil sand, and shell cores. Just as with patterns, we routinely perform basic core box modifications and maintenance in house. If core boxes need major changes, replacement, or brand new tooling, we can work with our local pattern makers to get you the right solution. We frequently produce cores for other local foundries. Please inquire if you are in need of cores. 
  2. Molding – 
    1. Green sand molding equipment consists of two squeezers, a roto-lift machine, and a heavy floor molding area. Mold sizes in green sand start at 10 by 12 4/4 and progress up to 36” by 39” 12/24. Green sand molds are poured daily and the sand is then reclaimed for future use.
    2. Airset molding is accomplished with a Palmer continuous mixer. Mold sizes are limited only by our 500-pound maximum pour weight. Custom flasks can be constructed to accommodate a huge variety of tooling. Molding with loose patterns is also routinely performed. Airset molds are noted for their high-quality surface finish.
  3. Melting – We utilize Inductotherm coreless induction melting furnaces with 100, 300, and 500-pound melt capacities. This allows us to manufacture parts with pour weights as low as a few ounces and up to 500-pounds.
  4. Finishing / Grinding – Casting finishing begins in the molding department where our skilled personnel strive to make it easy on the grinders by producing high quality castings. Castings are blast-cleaned in either our table blast or tumble blast machine. Grinding is accomplished via Fox stand grinders, along with numerous hand held pneumatic grinders. Parts requiring heat treatment are sent out to local facilities as needed. Some castings are machined in-house or sent out to one of the area machine shops we routinely work with.
  5. Quality Assurance – We assure quality throughout every step of the process by utilizing thermal analysis in the melting process along with on-site optical emission spectrometry to control our melt composition. We also perform Brinell Hardness verifications and work with a third party lab to perform mechanical analysis. Our quality system has been ISO 9001 2008 registered.
  6. Paint & Priming – Many of our customers do not require this step in the process but we have the capabilities to perform these tasks if desired.
  7. Shipping & Delivery – Each casting is inspected for fit and function prior to shipment. Depending on our customers’ location, we may deliver the parts personally. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are satisfied with our work.


Common standards we work to include:

  • ASTM A48/ANSI G25.1
  • ASTM A159/SAE J431
  • ASTM A278/ASME SA278
  • ASTM A536
  • SAE J434
  • ASTM A395/ASME SA395
  • ASTM A476
  • ASTM A436
  • ASTM A532

Custom Castings

Whether it is a simple iron casting or a fully machined and assembled system, Marcellus Metalcasters can provide custom parts to your specifications thanks to our focus on short-run iron castings. View some of our product specialties below or contact us for answers to your questions concerning custom metal casting & foundry services.