Foundry Background

A foundry is a factory where castings are produced by melting metal, pouring liquid metal into a mold, then allowing it to solidify. The general steps involved in casting are patternmaking, molding, melting, pouring, shake out, cleaning, and inspection. The final casting shape corresponds with the mold it is poured into, so molds are carefully shaped with a pattern – a wood or metal replica of the object to be cast. Marcellus Metalcasters fulfills domestic low-volume orders and routinely manufactures out-of-production, vintage, and prototype parts using the steps detailed above. Our foundry is located in Marcellus, Michigan and we serve small businesses across the midwest by solving their casting challenges. We work closely with our customers from the prototype stage to production runs and strive to get each new casting right the first time we sample it. A highly modern industry with ancient roots, metalcasting is the backbone of the manufacturing economy. Despite having fewer foundries than India and Japan, the United States has the second largest global output of cast metal at 12,250,000 metric tons. For more information about the metalcasting industry, visit the American Foundry Society website.

McMahan at Metalcasters

Get To Know Our History

In 1998, Marcellus Metalcasters was founded by Andy Abrams in Marcellus, Michigan. Andy was a respected community member who had experience in the foundry industry and saw an opportunity to build the economy of the village he grew up in and keep local craftspeople employed. In 2019, Andy retired and sold the foundry to two Michigan-natives, Brad Ade and Caitlin McMahan who run the business still today. Both Brad and Caitlin earned engineering degrees from Western Michigan University and the Colorado School of Mines respectively, and utilize their knowledge and business experience to continue to grow the business every day, while staying true to Andy’s vision. As co-owners, they are proud to lead the staff producing iron castings for a wide variety of industries and continually find ways to streamline processes to save their customers money and keep business flowing.

Providing Quality Iron Castings

We are a small business dedicated to quality. Our reputation is built on using precise casting processes, employing experienced craftspeople, and providing exceptional customer service. We know that getting each order right for our customers is essential to staying in business and continued success. If you have an issue with your Marcellus Metalcasters order, or work from another foundry, let us know right away and we’ll do whatever we can to ensure your needs are met. Learn more about what Marcellus Metalcasters capabilities are through the button below.

Our Customers