Equipment List


Inductotherm coreless induction melting furnaces, 100#, 300# 500# melt capacities.

  • Gray irons class 20 to class 60
  • Nodular irons 60/40/18 to 120/70/03
  • Abrasion resistant cast irons
  • N-Resist and Ni Hard

Green sand molding equipment consists of Osborn squeezer and roto-lift machines and a cope and drag area.  Airset molding is accomplished with a Strong-Scott continuous mixer.  Floor molding and bench molding with loose patterns is also routinely performed.

Mold sizes in green sand start at 10×12 4/4 and progress up to 36” x 39” 12/24.

Airset molds up to 2500# are possible.

Finishing / Grinding

Casting finishing begins in molding where our skilled personnel strive to make it easy on the grinders.  Castings are blast cleaned in either of our table blast or tumble blast machines.

Grinding is accomplished via Fox stand grinders, along with numerous hand held pneumatic grinders.

Some castings are machined in house or to one of the area machine shops we work with

Quality Assurance

The essence of our business is to provide to our customers a casting of repeatable dimensions with a known composition that provides acceptable physical properties.  To that end we utilized thermal analysis along with on site optical emission spectrometry to control our melt composition.

Each casting is inspected for fit and function prior to shipment.

Our quality system is ISO 9001 2008 registered.